PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES :We offer an impressive number of sports at all levels including athletics, football, basketball, gymnastics, cricket, table tennis, swimming, volleyball, Marshall Art etc.. Teamwork and sportsmanship skills are at the heart of the programme. Early morning activities at sunrise are a key element of every boarder’s life. They provide a daily opportunity to commune with nature at its finest hour and to build strength and energy for the day ahead.

SPORTS : The concept of Physical Education is not new. Since the time of birth, a child engages in sports in various stages of life. There are various sports and games. It's a great opportunity for children to belong to this family and bring out the sportsman within. Archery, Athletics, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Caroms, Swimming, Skating, Tennis, Table-tennis, Horse-riding, Yoga and Gymnastics are few of the sports with expert trainers at Here.

PARENTAL CO-OPERATION :The best of the school training is seriously crippled, unless the home plays its role. Parental cooperation and involvement is an essential component in helping the school successfully educate children.

UNIFORM :On school days and at school functions the students are expected to wear the prescribed uniform. Girls Uniform Brown White Tunic with White Shirt & Boys Iniform White Shirt with Brown Paint, , white socks (6" above the ankle) and black shoes.