Mision,Vision & Goal

St.Xavier's high is recognized xxxxxprofessional and technology-oriented aim, and based on a culture of innovation and excellence. The institute is commited to serve as a valuable resource for society; preparing students for innovative and successful careers in a global society. St.Xavier's high undertakes projects which offer opportunities and encourage students for innovation. Our mission is to generate new knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge research and to revolutionize the imagination, perception and thinking process of students by offering state-of-the-art undergraduate, postgraduate programmes. We aim at providing education which emancipates learners as well as teachers from ignorance, superstitions, and social evils and channelize their energy in positive & productive directions.we aim to develop students potential to its fullest ; to transform them into intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders in their professions.

    Our mission is to inculcate in each student.

  • Responsibility : being accountable for your actions
  • Co- operation : Working together towards a goal.
  • Caring : showing concern for others.
  • Perseverance : sticking with it.
  • Integrity : being true to yourself, knowing what is right.
  • Effort : doing your personal best.
  • Friendship : making and keeping friends.
  • Initiative : doing what needs to be done without being told.
  • Flexibility : able to alter plans cheerfully.
  • Organization : plan, arrange and implement is an orderly way.
  • Sense of humour : to laugh be playful without harming others.
  • Common sense : using good judgment.
  • Problem solving : finding creative solutions in difficult situations and with everyday problem.
  • Curiosity : a desire to investigate and seek understanding of ones works..
  • Courage : to act according to one's belief.