Principal's Message

Dear Parents, We know that time and tide waits for none. This Proverb really portrays the reality of life. Surfing on it today I have reached, the podium from where I proudly announce about St. Xavier’s High School prophecy, “Education for All”. It really paves a strong path of communication with you all. The school really provides an amicable atmosphere for the teacher and the taught. It not only prepares it’s students to become the best citizens of India but also it creates the all around exponents who can brick bat every odds of life. This Tempe of learning the protagonist of time is a passion for quality. The keyword ‘excellence’ covers all the features life aiming its students to be the leading architects of time and the crescents and torch bearers to the innumerable young stars who may be the future gems of our ‘Mother India’. Besides the School’s, website has left no stone unturned to be the gateway of information to all the aspects of academic life. Last but not the least I pause with the immortal lines of the greatest reformist of all time, Swami Vivekananda, “Arise Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached” “JAI HIND”

Biraja Prasanna Tripathy (M.Sc,B.Ed)